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Negotiations Have you found a car that ticks all the boxes, then you should try to get a discount on the asking price. Because there is always a margin of profit, between the asking price and the dealers purchase price, it is up to you to negotiate the best possible deal.

Body work

To be able to judge the body work of a car, you need a keen eye. Dents and scratches are easy to spot, but in general these irregularities do not hide major damage. Remember that you are buying a used car, which will never be in mint condition. In this article we look for indicators that point out serious damage from accidents in the past.

VAT qualifying

Shopping for a used car, the terms Non VAT qualifying and Gross VAT qualifying will sooner or later show up. These terms are important for company cars; buying a car privately, it is of no importance.


You can use the PreOwnedCarAdvice Checklist during the purchase of a used car. Follow the checklist to use all the knowledge of our handbook in practice.