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When you buy a car, it is nice to have a clean interior, without spots in the upholstery and broken parts. However, these defects are easily solved with a little soap and water and some small repairs. It will become more of a problem, if the upholstery is ripped.

Purchase contract

When you are finalising your purchase, a contract will have to be drawn up. The contents of this contract will largely depend on the salesman, providing that you are not interfering with it yourself. It is important that you do not sign a contract without knowing exactly what is in it. So, make sure that all the promises are written down: e.g. when the car is delivered with a fresh MOT, make sure it is written down in the contract.

Step by step Are you buying a used car for the first time? Do you have little knowledge of the used car market? Follow the steps below, and use the articles of the PreOwnedCarAdvice Handbook.

Private Purchase Contract

When you are buying a car from a private person, it is sensible to put a couple of things on paper. A purchase contract, like you are used to from a dealer, is not available. To still be able to draw up a contract, as a seller or buyer of a pre-owned car, we have made one for you, that you can download here.