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The tyres of a car are in plain view and therefore easy to check. In order to find out if the tyres are still in good shape, you need to check each tyre individually. Start by measuring the depth of the tread, this will give you good idea of the lifespan. Because a tyre needs a minimum of 1/16th of an inch (or 1.6 mm) tread depth for MOT approval.

Wheels and Suspension

The wheels of a car are important for its looks and driving comfort, however, it are the parts behind the wheels that you should check carefully. Here you find the suspension, consisting out of couplings, shock absorbers and springs. You have to do a thorough visual check of these parts, especially when are buying a car without warranty or at least a fresh MOT.

Accessories When you are putting your wish list together, you will probably have a couple of accessories in mind that have to be present. Accessories can give benefits in comfort, safety and even financially. However, there are pitfalls for which you have to be on the look out. For example: after market accessories are in most cases not covered by used car warranty plans.

Step by step Are you buying a used car for the first time? Do you have little knowledge of the used car market? Follow the steps below, and use the articles of the PreOwnedCarAdvice Handbook.