You can use the PreOwnedCarAdvice Checklist during the purchase of a used car. Follow the checklist to use all the knowledge of our handbook in practice.

Did you not yet read through the articles of the handbook? Then use the following paragraphs to increase your know-how of used cars and the used car market, so you can use the checklist to its full potential.

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The Showroom

Have you found a car that meets your automotive needs? Then you may check:

checklist showroom


Does the car have the necessary trim. Do all the accessories work, for example the air conditioning, and the auto-gas (LPG) installation. Read further...


How does the interior of the car look. Are there any broken parts, or excessive wear and tear in the upholstery. Most importantly, the amount of wear should fit the car's age and mileage. Read further...

Body work

Carefully check the body work for deep scratches, rust, and blisters in the paint. Also, pay special attention to the correct fitting of the doors and the hatches, as well as colour differences and the paint structure. Read further...


A complete service history is very important to have with a used car. Check the service history, and find out if and when maintenance has been carried out. For example, is the timing belt in need of replacement? If so, negotiate this part to be replaced on the sellers account.