Crumple zone

Beware! When a car has been in a serious accident, the build-in crumple zone is used. The crumple zone can only be used once optimally. When a repaired car is again in an accident, the crumple zone will not work as good as it did the first time, and the risk for injuries is much higher.


After a serious accident, there is a good chance that the chassis (support frame of the body) is crooked. Consequently, the car will not track straight, which causes the tyres to wear uneven.


Now, you should not think that damage to the body work or colour difference is always the direct result of a major accident. It does mean that you will have to be cautious and do some additional investigation to determine the actual condition of the car.


Be critical when checking a car, but remember that you are buying a used car. It will never be completely free of dents and scratches. It is better to look for indications of heavy damage in the past. If you are not convinced that a car is in a good condition, you should arrange for an independent inspection.

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