When you are about to finalise the purchase, take the following into account:

checklist purchase


On the checklist make notes about everything you notice in the showroom and during the test drive. Ask the sales person what he is going to do to solve your remarks.


Decide if you are happy with the purchasing price and the trade-in price of your current car. More importantly, is the total figure within your budget?


Will you get a warranty plan? What are your rights, and are they on paper? Warranty is not always given automatically or fixed, so negotiate about the duration of the warranty plan and about mobility during repairs covered by the warranty.

Purchase contract

Is everything that was agreed upon written down? Have you read the contract, and do you receive a copy?

Business purchase

Are you purchasing a used car for business use? Then make sure that you know the differences between a car that is VAT qualified and buying under the Margin scheme.

For more information about these points you can click through to the articles Negotiations and Purchase contract.

Download our Checklist (pdf)

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