Mileage check

You can read from the interior, to some extent, how many miles it has done. You will have to think in steps of 100.000 miles. This is especially useful when you are shopping for an older car, which has an analogue odometer, like the one in the photo below.


If this is the case, it is hard to get the assurance that a car has done 100.000 miles or well over 200.000. If the service history is well maintained, the first doubts are reassured. The next step is to look carefully at the state of the interior. Take special interest in the parts that are used constantly while one is driving. Like the gear lever, pedals, steering wheel, arm rests and of course the driver seat. Are these worn out? Then maybe, this car has done more miles than the seller is trying to make you believe.

Do mind that this method only gives you an indication and is not the most reliable technique. Use this method as a clue in the process of finding out if the mileage is correct. Contact the previous owners or garages, which are mentioned in the service history. All in all, it will not give you any guarantees, but for older cars especially with this kind of odometer, it is highly recommended!



When you check the interior of a car, the spots on the upholstery and dirty interior are not the deal breakers. More important are broken parts and irritating odours, because these will not be easy to remove. Judge the overall state of a car relative to the mileage. Does the amount of wear and tear match the mileage on the odometer.

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