Eventually the car will be handed over. This could be a week after the purchase, but of course also at the day of the purchase. To be sure that you do not forget anything during the hand over, make use of the check boxes.

Do not forget to check for all the accessories and make sure you are insured before you drive off!


Purchase Contract




This purchase contract is for use between two private individuals only. Because there is no warranty between a private seller and its purchaser, it is not mentioned in the contract. However, if the purchased vehicle does not fit the condition that the seller promised, you can use the purchase contract to proof that the seller stated that the vehicle in question did not have an accident history and that the service history is complete.

For the seller, this purchase contract gives clarity about the agreements made during the purchase, so that the buyer cannot make up demands during the hand over or later on.

A final instruction. Print this contract twice, so both parties (buyer and seller) will have a copy of the agreement!

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