Purchase contract

When you are finalising your purchase, a contract will have to be drawn up. The contents of this contract will largely depend on the salesman, providing that you are not interfering with it yourself. It is important that you do not sign a contract without knowing exactly what is in it. So, make sure that all the promises are written down: e.g. when the car is delivered with a fresh MOT, make sure it is written down in the contract.

Also, promises of less importance, like repairs of a chipped windscreen and a touch up of the paint work are important to write down in the contract. When everything is written down, you can easily show what you have signed for. Oral agreements are made quickly, however, when there are doubts afterwards, it is very difficult to get what your entitled to.

Pre-delivery inspection

Most dealerships ask a certain amount for making the car ready for delivery. It is mentioned on the contract, but where you are exactly paying for is unclear. In general the car gets a fresh MOT, a nice cleaning and a new registration.

This means that maintenance and repairs to worn out parts are not included. At least, not if you do not ask for it. If you want to be sure that the car will be properly serviced, take this into the negotiations and put it in the contract.


Mentioning the warranty in the contract is an important issue. The duration and coverage are in general written down quiet well. However, it is important to read the terms and conditions as well. Of course, it is nearly impossible to unriddle all the legal paragraphs on the spot. That is why you should let the salesman explain certain conditions in the contract, like:

The coverage. Do you get a full warranty or is it limited to the vital parts of the car, like the engine and gearbox. Are after market accessories covered? Like an expensive stereo system and LPG-installation.

Your obligations. What do you have to do in order to stay entitled to the warranty. E.g. are you obligated to let your car be serviced by the sellers garage?

Finally, it is interesting if there is a third party involved. If the seller, for whatever reason, terminates its business, you will not be able to claim your repairs. If the seller insures the sold cars individually with a third party, you have the assurance that your warranty is viable, even after a bankruptcy.

Private market

Do you buy a car from a private person, it is sensible to write the important issues down. A purchase contract, like you get in a dealership, is not available. To still be able to draw up a contract as seller or buyer of a used car, we have made one for you, which you can download here.



When the purchase contract is drawn up, make sure that all the commitments are written down. Take special interest in the agreed warranty plan, so you have a good understanding about the extend of it. Do you buy from a private person? Draw up a contract, like you would do at a dealership. Because you have less rights, buying from a private person, make sure that the statements made by seller are written down with his or hers signature on it.