Power steering

The compact and older cars are not always fitted with power assisted steering. Especially the mid sized cars and above can vary considerably in price if there is no power steering present. If you want to be sure that a car has power steering, you can look under the bonnet for a filler cap with power steering written on it, or a logo of a steering wheel, like in the photo below.

Power steering

You can also check the car for power steering by turning the steering wheel. Start the engine and turn the steering wheel with one hand, of course while the engine is running idle. If the wheel turns round easily, the car has power steering.

It is possible that you notice a humming noise while turning the steering wheel. This is in most cases easily solved by filling the earlier mentioned reservoir with power steering fluid. If the reservoir has sufficient fluid and keep making noises, the car probably needs a new hydraulic pump.


ABS, ESP, airbags and crumple zones are being improved with every generation of cars. When a new car enters the market, it will be kitted with the latest safety equipment. Do you have the opportunity to choose between different car models, it is interesting to know in which year it has been launched. The one that has entered the market the latest, has probably got the best safety features.


Do mind, that the different brands are not equally quick with implementing the latest safety equipment. But, in general, the brands will take over each others' equipment standards to maintain their position in a competitive market. So, you can take advantage from a more recently introduced model. At least, if you take your own safety in consideration, while buying a car.