Local options are after market accessories that are not factory fitted, like: an audio systems, sunroof and a tow hitch. These accessories are often expensive to install, so when they are already fitted, it complements the car. Do mind that locally fitted options are not (as well) covered by warranty plans. This means that the dealer will not replace your after market radio if it breaks.


An LPG-installation is in these times of high petrol prices an interesting accessory. It gives you a lower price per gallon and if it is already installed, wont steepen the asking price of the car. Do mind that in most cases an LPG conversion is done in the after market. Locally mounted accessories, even as important and expensive as an LPG installation, may give warranty problems if they break down.

Therefore, talk this over with the dealer or the agency that is responsible for your warranty. It is important to write down the terms and conditions, so you know where you stand in case of a defect.

Tow hitch

The tow hitch (or tow bar) is a handy option, usually mounted locally. There is little that can go wrong with it, while buying a new one will set you back 500 to a 1000 pounds easily. Do check the tow hitch and especially the trailer connector. Check the contact points within the connector for corrosion and if you have the chance take your bike rack with you to check if the electronics are in good condition. If you have the possibility, during the test drive, swing by your home and couple your caravan to the car. This way you can check the tow hitch and find out if the car has sufficient power at the same time!


Because it is likely that the tow hitch is locally mounted, you will have to check the warranty conditions if it is or is not included.

Tow hitch

If you want to know whether or not the car has been used for heavy towing jobs, check the ball (on the bumper side) for wear and tear. If the car has often been used for towing heavy burdens, the ball will have extra wear on this side. Now, this is not so bad, however, these forces do have their effect on the clutch plate. So, check the clutch plate in case of heavy wear on the tow hitch.


Know what you buy. Certain accessories are not factory fitted and can be excluded in the warranty plan. Often, the dealer will help you out by giving you a good deal on the repair or fix it for free. Do mind that you read the terms and conditions of the warranty plan before hand.

Make sure that you buy a car that is fitted with accessories conform to market standards, especially when it is a young car. Perhaps you are not interested in extra comfort items like climate control, however, when you trade the car in you will get your investment right back. In the meantime, you have enjoyed them too.

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